Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Wait is Over: blogLSP's jumbo special is here!

(Good afternoon) It's here! The jumbo special is finally here! Three times the reviews, three times the content, three times the fun! It's been nearly three weeks since I last reviewed a Doctor Who and it's now time for me to review The Sontaran Stratagem. By the way, there's this guy going round, from a galaxy far far away and for some reason, he's out to get me and this blog. The LSElord's his name. If he sends you any e-mails, ignore them.

RUNNING TIME: 90mins approx. STARS: David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Freema Ageyman, Christopher Ryan.


A fairly good story, but I found myself picking at my nails or stroking the dog in unnecessary parts. A nice return of the Sontarans, but my friend said they weren't scary enough. I told him he'd be scared if he saw one in a dark back alley. He agreed, and told me he'd run if he saw a walking potato anywhere.


It was a good story, as good as Planet of the Ood, better than Partners in Crime, but not as good as The Fires of Pompeii. However, I think the latter can be excused as Fires was an exceptionally good episode. Martha's return was dealt with well- she's a different character now, but Ageyman's acting was very poor. Catherine Tate wipes the floor with her. She provides that awful new Doctor Who cheese, the sort of "It's Martha and I'm bringing you back to Earth!" It's all really staged and unnatural- one wouldn't say that on the phone. The story was good continuity wise, explicitly referencing the UNIT dating controversy, bringing back the Valiant and confirming that the Brig is still alive and that the name of the Sontaran home world is Sontar. This was only said in the Doctor Who Role-playing Game, which I have by the way! I got it for a tenner at Galaxy Four in Sheffield, but anyway, back to reviewing the episode.

Luke Rattigan was a rather odd character, imho, in that his American accent was awful and unnecessary. Once it was discovered that he couldn't do an American accent to save his life, he should have abandoned the whole idea and been British. Or is that actor Irish, because that's what he sounded like halfway through 4.4! Overall, an OK story.

OK then, well I've decided to forget about reviewing LOST, because then I'll have to keep doing it, and I can't be bothered, to be quite frank. So, instead, before I move on to 4.6, I shall review Book 7 in The Demonata, Death's Shadow;


AUTHOR: Darren Shan SERIES: The Demonata BOOK: seven

IN A NUTSHELL: I nearly gave this five stars, but it lacked the emotion that some of the others had, especially in Saga. So, I compromised at four and a half. But on a positive note, it was an action packed gruesome monster of a tale with an ending to die for.

(Spoilers for books 1-6 below)

I loved this book. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that yesterday, I got it at 12:30 and had read it by 21:00! That, ladies and gentlemen, is what Darren Shan does to you. Grubbs isn't at the heart of the tale- it is focused on and told by Bec, who reappeared at the close of book 6. The story starts, and she is struggling to cope with life in the 21st century. She is feeling lonelier than ever, as Dervish is treating her as an interpreter for the dead Bill-E. It seems like a calm tale at the start, but as usual demons and creatures are never far away. But this time, Lord Loss is not the prime menace. A more powerful being, "the Shadow" as it has been dubbed by Beranabus is about to take control. It's big, it's bad, and it means business. Go out there and get this book. It's definitely worth the £13 it costs in hardback.

So, anyway, The Doctor's Daughter. Here goes:

RUNNING TIME: 45 mins approx. STARS: David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Freema Ageyman, Georgia Moffett


Wow. That was awesome. Tear-jerkingly awesome.


By the near end of this episode, there was a salty tear in the corner of my eye, and that's something not even 4.2 did. Ageyman's acting was once again poor, but Moffett's made up for it. There was something about the way she played the character that made you believe she had the Doctor in her. I really saw the David Tennant coming out in her, especially in that scene when she noted "I love the running" in that Doctorish way. There would be no better person to play this part. The Hath remind me of the Mon Calamari from STAR WARS a lot, but I guess that's OK. They're from a water world after all.

Really, this episode needed to be a two parter. The Sontaran one should have been one part and this two, giving the Doctor more time to bond with Jenny and Martha more time to bond with crazy Hath fish dude.

And one more thing- if you're going to make a clone person, perfect for warfare, you put them in some fierce body armour. Titanium, maybe. One doesn't make them in a short sleeved T-shirt and a pair of combats! The army aren't going "Well our primary objective is to make her look attractive.", are they?!

But, anyway, until next time, that's all, f- what the hell is that?!


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